03/26/2020 00:00:00     Presta Fabrique Blog    Comments 0
Possibility of file uploads and attachment for quotes

In many cases, the client will want something very unique and will find it harder to illustrate this in writing with the help of the standard message field located on the quote submit page. In such cases, the possibility of an attachment is a real life-saving belt is, and can save both parties from unnecessary explanatory and circumscribed correspondence and time of course.

After enable, the attachment functionality in the module works in two ways:
- one global attachment per quote: if this option is active, the client can attach a single file to the quote
- one attachment per product: if this is activated, the client can upload one attachment for each product entry that is part of the quote

Of course, this is not only available for the client. The webshop operator has the same priviledges in the back office when creating a new quote, but can also attach files to messages.

All wouldn't be complete if we couldn't control the type of file extensions that are accepted. Once this option becomes active, another field gets automatically visible, which already contains a basic list of extensions btw (.pdf, .jpg, .txt), where the admin can manually add new ones or even delete and edit the existing ones.

Obviously, security has not been ignored, and files with extensions that can be run on a server environment (php, sh, js, etc.) are not allowed, and this cannot be overridden by admin either. If you are expecting such a file from the client, we recommend compressing it into a .zip package first.