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Major update for Ask for a quote 5 PRO

Briefly, Ask for a quote 5 PRO is nothing more than a more advanced, more versatile and a more feature rich option for the base module. For details, it is best to visit the sales-page or the dedicated website, where you can find a comparison chart.

Sales page: Visit / Dedicated page: Visit

Now, let's see the complete changelog that makes version 5.3 so exceptional:

  • New: created detailed documentation for the module
  • New: added hook for our Cart Share module
  • New: added filter based on product stock
  • New: upload attachments from quote overview page
  • New: disable server side extensions for attachments
  • New: show customisation data in the PDF
  • New: send mail to customer and admin when create quote in the back-office
  • New: display taxes in mails
  • New: display customer massage in the mail
  • Fix: quotation OPC page
  • Fix: properly select and show product attribute
  • Fix: custom icon usage
  • Fix: urls in the quote form
  • Fix: email attachment bug
  • Fix: link generate PDF in the backoffice
  • Fix: shipping price
  • Fix: Transform quote to cart issue
  • Fix: display custom price on the front-end
  • Fix: transform quote to cart with specific prices
  • Fix: display transfrom to cart button on front-end
  • Updated: TinyMCE
  • Updated: romanian translation (100%)
  • Updated: hungarian translation (100%)
  • Utils: totally restructured config page to be more clear and added informations to all fields
  • Utils: changed the look of emails and added more info
  • Utils: replaced the word bargain with message

What we think is the most important and one of the most requested things from the above list is the detailed documentation. Well, here it is folks! It has everything, from setting up the module, giving it all a detailed explanation, also underlining the cause-effect relationships between settings, so none can surprise you. It is linked directly from the module setting page!

The other great thing we did, and what's to be highlighted, is the re-structuried configuration page. We split the page into three main sections, and within them, we rearranged the option fields, grouped them by similar function, making it all more transparent, making all of this more intuitive. In addition, we introduced several triggers, which will hide the dependent fields if the main functionality is turned off.

Another big change is that we switched everywhere the string “bargain” to “message”. In some cases, the term bargaining was ambiguous and, in many cases, misused by the buyers. There is now message only, leaving both the bidding and offer submit for the webshop owner, and accepting or rejecting this by the client intact. This was also requested by You!

As a further change, the content rearrangement of emails can be highlighted, according to what, the offer information is presented more clearly, more thoughtfully and better structured in both the clients and shop owners mailbox.

The TinyMCE text editor has been upgraded, which can be turned on or off for messaging fields, both back and front end. Because of the many content changes, most of the translations have become insignificant and requires a revisit. From our side, romanian and hungarian translations arrive in a 100% state, out of the box, and we are expected to add new ones in the near future.

Last but not least, we applied a lot of fixes and patches, which help to make the module run smoother and easier to use.

By all the above, we feel that we have managed to release the most complex and stable quoting module for Prestashop so far.