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Abandoned carts: a pain or a goldmine?

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest and perpetual problems of online shopping. There are a number of reasons and factors behind why the buyer leaves before paying, and there are lots of specialized statistics to track them out there.

At the moment, however, we are not focusing on prevention but on how to benefit from a given situation.

The abandoned carts already have a few specialized modules, but they only serve as a reminder purely in a form as the user receives a notification in email. Let's admit, that this is not very effective, as the client probably had a compelling reason not to finalize the payment, and this is generally related to price, regardless if in a form of the cheapness of another product or the overall value for money. And this product, unless it receives randomly a promotion, will not get cheaper and will not lure the buyer back.

This strategy is therefore ineffective.

But there is another way that focuses on the price, and not only sends a reminder to the user, but also an offer! This option is made possible by the latest, 5.4 version of Ask for a quote PRO module, which means that abandoned baskets can now be converted into quotes! Once converted, especially for those who know the module, the procedure goes the usual way:

  • the owner converts the abandoned cart and sends a reminder to the user. Optionally, can send a message and even an offer, affecting the price or the shipping.
  • the user receives the notification and can respond to the shop owner from his personal account, but he can even directly accept the offer and transform the quote into a cart than checkout

Thus, the module makes it possible to convert abandoned baskets directly into quotes, which can be accompanied by instant promotion, message and offer.

It is also important to note, that is possible the module to be used only in Abandoned Cart mode, which deactivates all options that allow quote submits on frontend.

As a closure, let's see what else the latest changelog of Ask for a Quote PRO holds:

  • New: added transform Abandoned cart to Quote option
  • New: added 'Abandoned cart mode' master config option
  • New: Display customer information in a PDF file
  • New: added 'Suggested carrier' to the create new quote in admin options
  • New: when creating a new quote, client is notified on demand and only when admin decides quote is finished
  • New: when editing a quote, client is notified on demand and only when admin decides editing is finished
  • New: option to generate and download quote in XLS format
  • New: Show quote options (buttons and cart) only for logged in users
  • + lots of bigfixes

Purchase and download from here: Ask for a quote PRO download

Here's a short clip presenting this feature: