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Ability to create a quote from the Back office

This is probably the most requested feature beside attachment functionality, and allows business owners to manually create a new order directly from their own Prestashop Back office. The process, as usual, is intuitive as it mimics the default “Create an order” one: you select or create a customer, add the products with quantites and even attributes, fill in the quote related fields and basicly you are done.

First of all, we can state and underline, that this is one of the most important features of the PRO version. The reasons are so many, can't all be listed, but this is the first step in providing the admin complete freedom over the quoting functionality, which is completed by the ability to edit these. The icing on the cake is the conversion of abandoned baskets into offer, but these will all be discussed separately in a dedicated blog entry and video.

As with the other parts of the module, we have closely followed the ordering process, so the procedure is and will not be foreign to Prestashop back office users.

In the upper right corner of the quote list page find the "New quote" button. Clicking this will take you to a new page where you first need to select a client using a built-in ajax search engine. Once this is done, you will be faced with the actual quote creation interface, where you have several information blocks and options besides the actual editing. You can see the client data, with a details button, their abandoned carts, if any, the postal addresses and the blocks associated with the quote itself.

There are two ways to create an offer: use an abandoned cart or start from scratch. It depends on the situation and on the purpose for which we are here here in the first place. Persuading the client to finalize an abandoned shopping cart with a discount or to build a product package from the ground up based on a previous telephone or email conversation is totally different.

The first option is already covered in another video, and the procedure itself is simple: you select one of the abandoned baskets, this populates your list, edit the products and prices if needed, and after adding a name for the quote (optional) and submitting a message for the client (is also optional), you create the quote.

The second option starts with the product selection, which is also assisted by an ajax search engine: based on an entered keyword, lists the results, from which you select the product and after selecting quantity, it’s added to the offer. This is repeated until all the desired products are in the list. Then we essentially follow the same steps as in the first case: edit the list of products and prices, select the language, currency and shipping option, then after providing a name (optional) and a message for the client (is also optional), you create the quote.

Of course, we can still edit and personalize this later, based on the subsequent communication with the client, but we will cover this in another post and video.

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