Possibility to edit a submitted quote in the back office

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There is not much to explain, but as mentioned earlier, along with the ability to create a quote, this feature gives the webshop's owner complete freedom in this area. The benefits do not need to be listed either, but it’s a huge difference between the client submitting a new offer, if they made a mistake for example when submitting, or the existing one being edited by the admin.

But let's see what options do we have:

1) First of all, you can change the status of a quote, using an existing but also editable list of statuses.

2) Secondly, we can send an offer to the client in the form of a discount (fixed or percentage) or free shipping, optionally accompanied by a message or explanation.

3) we can change the final total amount of the quote, which automatically creates a new cart rule, which, when converted to a cart, automatically applies to the order.

4) Finally, and most importantly, we can edit the product list in every way:
- change the quantity of an existing product
- change the price of an existing product, both VAT and VAT excluded
- delete a product
- and of course we can add a new product

And to keep it from being irritating, the system will only send a notification to the client once we have decided that we have finished editing and acknowledge this with a click of a button.


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