Prestashop related services

Yes, Prestashop is what we do most of the time

Our activity is actually divided into two major departments: development and maintenance of modules, and creation of webpages and online shops, all of which are placed on Prestashop grounds.

Development of modules

Since 2011, we have been actively present as developers in the Prestashop Addons marketplace, reaching the hights possible Trust level so we can say that we’re there for almost all of Prestashop's entire career, as our first modules were written for version 1.2.

Our most popular product is the Quote module family, which includes Ask for a Quote, Ask for a Quote PRO and Free sample request. The Infinite Scroll module has also been very successful, but our latest development, the Country and Zone Manager, has also been able to bring something new into the world of Prestashop, as it facilitates the easy distribution of countries into zones.

We've also added new plans lately, as with our role or webdevelopers, we’re constantly faced with a lot of modules that we need to improve. Or because there's no upgrade to it, was abandoned or because it’s buggy. So the question always stays: patch or rewrite.

Of course, there are situations where the client's special requirements are not met by Prestashop or any existing modules, so we need to write a module from zero. There are several cases for this, so if you struggle with an unresolved problem, please feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.


If Prestashop then ecommerce. Simple as that. Ok, catalog mode might be an exception, but mainly everything is about products and sales around here.

We do not have to confirm and underline the importance of an online presence for a physical business as well as how much the ecommerce industry is growing each year do we?

We do not waste the word for that. If you need a webshop, no matter how deeply personalized or turnkey, please contact us with confidence. Ask for a quote.

Prestashop upgrade

One of the biggest technical problems nowadays is when an existing webshop needs updating, and it is certainly good to entrust this to the professionals, because our method has no influence on your current webshop.

But first of all, let us emphasize when an upgrade it is recommended and when it’s not:

Recommended when:

  • your webshop is old: it will not work well on the latest servers and PHP enviromenments
  • the webshop is old: it is vulnerable because a lot of bugs were discovered ever since it’s release, and bad willing people can do great damage by exploiting these gaps
  • not responsive and not mobile-friendly
  • there are missing important features that are essential and present in the latest version and modules

Not recommended if:

  • the webshop is not so old (ie 1.6 is not necessarily worth upgrading to 1.7)
  • your webshop generates good profit and does this with a growing trend: it is not good to poke what works well, it's better to leave it alone a little longer
  • all of the above arguments are met

Secondly, it is also important to emphasize that updating Prestashop is not as simple as it seems at first look or as usual (for example, Wordpress). Indeed, there is a built-in module and solution for this, but works only up to version 1.6, and it's biggest drawback beaing that directly modifies an existing shop, so if something goes wrong, there is no way back.

We do not even talk about it being nearly impossible to upgrade to Prestashop 1.7. And the 1.7 being a coveted version since it's partially re-written from scratch (why it's difficult to update), and based on the latest web technologies, it’s much safer and up to 30% faster than its predecessors.

That is why it is better to trust and leave this to the pros. Our procedure does not affect your current webshop. The new version runs parallel with the current live one on a subdomain, all the data is transferred to it (orders, clients, products, categories etc etc), the new graphics will be added and all will only be replaced when properly tested and the client is fully satisfied with it.

If you want to update your Prestashop based webshop, we would be happy to assist you. Request a quote now!

Other cases

And here is everything more whats webshop and Prestashop:

  • if a module caused an irreversible error and the developer is unavailable,
  • if you have changed servers and things broke,
  • error codes are displayed (404, 505, etc.)
  • you need new functionality,
  • you need to install a template or module,
  • you must personalize a template or module,
  • if you have any other issues with your webshop,

... contact us and we will help. Request a quote today!

Wordpress related

Well yes, as a webdevelopment company, we do this also

For a webshop we recommend Prestashop, but in exceptional cases where the product presentation and the sales fucntions are less emphasized, Wordpress and Woocommerce can be handy. For everything else there’s Wordpress! But essentially it’s recommended for corporate presentations, smaller webpages, online portfolio, product sales-page and corporate company pages. Of course, it’s flexibility can deal with anything you throw at it.

Here too, and in both cases (eshop or presentation site), you can consider both a fully personalized or a turnkey website. The Prestashop vs Wordpress question is outlined on our website, where you can get a list of pros and cons too. You better check it out!

Prestashop vs Wordpress

If you have any questions or wish to apply, please feel free to contact us.