Infinite product scroll



Hide the boring pagination and automatically load products and search results when user scrolls down the page.
Or, enable manual trigger, and have only one button for more products!

Version: 1.5.1 (18.07.2018) / Compatible with PreastaShop 1.6 & 1.7 and Thirty Bees


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This is the newest revolution in browsing habits:
replace boring and unfriendly paginations, with the Infinite Scroll feature!
Just like Facebook, Twitter or touch profiles!


Hide the default boring pagination

Pagination is one of the great survivors of today's web, dating back even before the release of dynamic pages. It would be just about time to upgrade this area.

Switch to infinite scroll

Introduced first by social media paltforms like Twitter and Facebook, infinite scroll is convenient, user friendly and it's here to stay.


NOW with Layered Navigation compatibility!

Our module works out of the box with Prestashop's very own, built-in layered navigation module.

Infinite scrolling for all PrestaShop product list and search results

One of the main PRO's of our infinite scroll module for Prestashop is that it works on every page where a pagination is present, including catagory pages, specials, manufacturer pages and even search results.

Will infinite scroll work with theme and shop?

The module was designed and guaranteed to work with Prestashops default theme - we can't really test each theme that's out there right? - but it's very easy to adapt to any other out there with a simple and intuitive prestashop Back office configuration page. And to make things simpler, we even prepared a video guide, linked directly from the top of config page.

Still can't make it work?

Drop us a message, following the guide in the readme file, and we will do that for you in notime. Free of charge!

Benefits and features of Infinite scroll for PrestaShop

As stated above, this module will hide the default Prestashop pagination and will automatically load next set of products on the same page without even pressing a button or click the mouse!

The method is called infinite scroll, because by default, the loading is done automatically as user scrolls down the page, so they are instantly faced with new products, without even click!

However, the option of manual advance also exists, making this load action not so offencing and intrucive.

  • users are faced automatically with the next set of products
  • so instead of going to the next page, they manually load the next set of products continuously on the same page
  • end of results message is displayed automatically
  • animated loading message and image
  • works on ALL pages where product pagination exists (category, specials, new products, best sales, search results etc.)
  • if Javascript is disabled, the normal paginate will be back as normal - so no harm really :)
  • works with default Prestashop LAYERED NAVIGATION module!
  • SEO friendly

Super simple back office options:

  • automatic or manual load can be toogled
  • enter classnames or ID's for the triggers (useful for edited themes) - video guide available
  • NEW: possibility to add javascript actions that triggers on successfull load


This module is compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7 and Thirty Bees

Also Note

Module was tested with an unmodified version of PrestaShop running the default theme. Same on Thirty bees.

Module is compatible out of the box only with the default Preasthop Layered Navigation / Faceted search. Other AJAX and product filters can work, but usually will need manual adaptation, and this is a payed intervention. please contact us before purchase if this is the case.

This is a downloadable product, and you will be provided with a link to download the purchased module as soon as your payment has been processed and accepted.

Data sheet

Easy install:
Yes (admin panel ZIP upload)
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Compatible with PrestaShop