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Easy country & zone manager

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To assign countries to a zone you must edit them one by one which is a long process. The module will ease the country management inside zones with a user friendly drag & drop approach.

Version: 1.0 (17.04.2018) / Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7


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Drag and drop countries inside Prestashop zones

Prestashop onboarding is a long process but also very very important! One part of this is the carriers setup with the different prices per zones and countries, but default Prestashop zones are not divided exactly as you would require, and you need to re-arrange the and re-assign the countries to them.

Easy country and zone manager Prestashop
Do you also have trouble organizing and assigning countries to zones?

Easy country and zone manager for Prestashop comes to the rescue

This module will help shop owners to set up their countries and zones, shortening the initial onboarding timeframe!
Currently, to move countries around, you need to edit them one by one, and attach it to another zone. With this module, you can grab countries and drop it to the desired zone, or remove them to a neutral one.
By default, in Prestashop zones are the actual continents or some major groups of these, like the EU. If you are not happy with this, or your carrier is using a different division / grouping, you need to edit each country one by one and change the zone it belongs to. This is a painstaking and long process.
Plus, our module fills another gap: enable or disable ALL countries with one click. Again, by default, in Prestashop you need to edit countries one by one to enable or disable them. With our plugin, you have some nice batch actions ready at your fingertip.
To ease the process more, we also added the option to filter countries without a zone alphabetically to locate them easier when all removed, and you can also list them in 4 columns or one in a row.
Prestashop easy country management
Did we mention that all this is responsive?

Features of Easy country and zone manager for Prestashop

  • Disable all countries, regardeless if they are in a zone or not
  • Disable only the countries which are not assigned to a zone
  • Enable all countries, regardeless if they are in a zone or not
  • Enable only the countries which are assigned to a zone
  • + a global general setting: Automatically enable or disable a country when moved in or out of a zone

Other options are:

  • open / close all zones
  • empty all zones
  • empty a specific zone only
Features of easy country and zone manager for Prestashop
Features of easy country and zone manager for Prestashop


This module is compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7

Also Note

Module was tested with an unmodified version of PrestaShop running the default theme.

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