Ask for a Quote PRO - premium Prestashop quotation module


Enhanced version of our best selling Quotation module for Prestashop, with attachment, possibility for quote edit and add product to quote after submit, custom statuses, one page quote checkout, Abandoned cart to Quote and many more!

Version: 5.7.2 - Compatible with PreastaShop 1.7 and Prestashop 8 (22.03.2023)
Version: 4.3.0 - Compatible with PreastaShop 1.6 & ThirtyBees (01/03/2018)



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Ask for a quote PRO module for Prestashop box

Ask for a Quote PRO - Enhanced version

We can really admit in this case, that the good got even better, and all this based on Your feedback and requests!

All features presented in this version were requested by You!

And we bundled all these into a more enhanced and feature rich version of our module called Ask for a Quote PRO for Prestashop.

Ask for a Quote PRO Features list


All features of the base module (see below)

This includes all future and past bugfixes and features, as the two share the same core.

Possibility to create quote from Back office

Admins and shop managers can create quotes directly from their shops Back office. The process is again very similar to the create order one: you select customer, add products, fill in the quote related fields and done.

Abandoned cart to quote

Why just send a reminder for an abandoned cart when you can transform this to a quote? Feature places a dedicated button on the abandoned carts page, as well it lists abandoned carts of a client when creating a quote from back office.

Possibility to add products to submitted quotes

Beside in-line quote edit, admin and shop manager can add products to a submitted quote with ease.

Possibility of file upload / attachment

Users can upload files with their quote in two ways: one per quote (global) or one per product (per entry). This can be altered on the module settings page, as well as the allowed extensions list.
Admin can also attach files to bargain messages!

Product custom fields

Prestashop allows to attach and display unlimited custom fields to a product, in a form of text field or file upload. Ask for a Quote PRO detects these, and displays them both during the checkout process, as well on the history pages. In case of catalog mode, these are also recognized and displayed!

Custom quote status for easy tracking

Just like orders, quotes can have custom statuses, each with individual color. At install, we create three: Received / Bargaining / Processed, but you have the freedom to alter these or add new ones.

One page checkout

It enables a special quotes OPC page

Possibility to define a maximum quotable quantity of products
Possibility to force a quotable quantity for products
Ask for a quote PRO module for Prestashop box

Possibility to create a quote in the Back office

This is probably the most requested feature beside attachment functionality, and allows business owners to manually create a new order directly from their own Prestashop Back office. The process, as usual, is intuitive as it mimics the default “Create an order” one: you select or create a customer, add the products with quantites and even attributes, fill in the quote related fields and basicly you are done.

NEW: use Abandoned cart when creating a new quote

This is a long awaited feature that finally landed: transform abandoned cart to quote or use one of the listed abandoned carts when you search for a client on the create a new quote page! This is way better than just send a reminder, as interacting with client via messaging, you can find out why they dropped the cart, and by submitting a directed and personalized offer, you increase the chances of them finalizing the order!

Possibility to edit a quote by product line, and add products to it

Together with the create a quote from the back office feature described above, this gives total freedom over the quoting process for the shop owner. While in the basic version, you can just change the final totals, here you can directly edit a product within the quote itself, by changing the price (both tax included and excluded are listed) and the quantity.

And even more, you can delete and add products to the quote, removing the need for the client to re-submit one if he needs deeper changes.

Prestashop Ask For A Quote Module works in catalog mode
Prestashop Quotation side by side with add to cart

Attachments - the feature that skyrockets the module

This feature is pretty straightforward, as the title says it all: it allows clients and even shop owner to send attachments with their quotes and messages. There are only two options here:

  • Allow one or multiple files: ability to allow one file per quote, or one file per product row. Latter is the ultimate freedom for clients, but could require more server space. But again, all depends on your business type, direction and your needs.
  • Extensions allowed: shop owner can edit the allowed file extensions list. By default, the module comes with a few default ones, but again depending on your business type, this can be altered. However, for security reasons, files which can be run on a server (php, js etc) are not allowed!

Custom quote statuses

In the basic version, a quote has no statuses, only states (new, under messaging, submitted quote, transformed to order). Pro version introduces statuses, just like orders have, allowing shop owners to mark a quote in different stages. Of course, statuses are editable, by changing the name and their colour, they can be deleted or new ones added. It’s up to you!

Prestashop quote module Back office config page
Prestashop quote module checkout procedure

Product custom fields - no problemo

Prestashop allows shop owners to add customisable fields to their products, in form of text fields or even file upload fields. The PRO version of Ask for a Quote can detect these, together with attributes and features, and saves them with the quote.

More, if catalog mode is turned on, these fields also disappear, but again, the module comes in handy, as detects this, displays all the custom fields, saves them, and even more, does this with AJAX, without page refresh, which is even better than the default Prestashop behaviour.

More, more, more ...

The quote OPC page: despite the fact, that the quote submit process is shorther than the order submit (checkout) one, which has five steps (plus), where ours has three, some do prefere a one page checkout over the default one, making this a handy feature after all, specially if the order OPC is swithed on, as it makes the whole integration more homogeneous.

The ability to define a global maximum quotable quantity, or force a general quotable quantity for products, are not real hardcore features at first sight, but for some shop owners, could be real life saviors.

Prestashop quote module - demandez un devis
Prestashop Ask For A Quote Module box

Maybe you want less for ... less?

The PRO version might be too overcrowded with features, or your budget might be a bit more limited, but still in a need for a quotation module for your Prestashop store? Well the good news is, that the normal version of Ask for a Quote is a good bet. It’s still one of the best sold quote modules on the market for Prestashop, has a ton of features, and easely fulfills the majority of needs. And of course, is much cheaper too!

Check it out here: Ask for a Quote module for Prestashop

FAQ and great support

If still have questions make sure you check the FAQ section of this page, where we ansered the most common and basic questions clients ask from us. And if your issue is not listed, feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer, as we bealive great support begins before purchase, not just after.

After sales support: we cannot test the product on every theme and with every third party plugin out there, only on the default Prestashops (even this is server dependant), so if somenthing goes wrong, product has issues, causes your shop to hang, disable it, and contact us for help, but please consult the readme first!

And yeah, regarding support, our status on Prestashop Addons speaks for itself:
- Superhero status and 80+ months seniority
- 6 hours average response time (including all time delays and clients from all over the world)
- 99% support quality, which is an average of several features
- 60+ positive notes and 5 star reatings!

Quotation module full support after sales


Update from 4.x to 5.x is not possible, and old version must be uninstalled first! Upgrade between same version is possible and it's done automatically when you upload the new verison to your shop.


This version is compatible with PrestaShop 8, 1.7 and 1.6. Do NOT try to install it for lower Prestashop version. If you use Presta 1.5 or 1.4, Contact us for the legacy version!

Module was tested on default PrestaShop and the default theme ONLY.

Version: 5.7.2 - Compatible with PreastaShop 1.7 and Prestashop 8 (22.03.2023)
Version: 4.3.1 - Compatible with PreastaShop 1.6 & ThirtyBees (01/03/2018)

Download module

This is a downloadable product, and you will be provided with a link to download the purchased module as soon as your payment has been processed and accepted.

Data sheet

Easy install:
Yes (admin panel ZIP upload)
Modifies database:
Overwrites core files:
Compatible with PrestaShop
Thirty Bees compatible

From version 4, clients cannot submit prices! Why?

Starting with version 4, the customers are not able to submit prices, only messages, where of course they can include their ideas, suggestions and expectations. This is based on client feedback we received in recent years, as in lot of cases, the quoters submitted totally unacceptable, unreal and often completely ridiculous amounts, what if corrected and formed by shop owner as he saw more fit and real, were all rejected, and the quoters never became customers. The owner still has this option, what the client accepts or rejects.

What is the difference between the offer and the price?

The offer is nothing more than the word itself really means, having the price and comment reflecting it, complementing each other. The difference between the two is best illustrated by an example: if the offer would be "Ten percent reduction", and the normal price of the product is 100 units, the recommended price submitted by you would be 90 units. Furthermore, if the offer is "Free shipping over 100", the price remains 100 units, and a message will explain the terms. It is also important to be noted, that the title of the offer, for clarity, is presented in a dedicated column in the list of submitted requests.

There is no quote button on homepage!

The quotation button does not appear on the Prestashop homepage, because this hook is inactive in "homefeatured" module. The rest of product lists are not affected, and the button is visible. If you want to display it, you need some basic FTP, HTML and programming skills, or contact us for assistance.

What happens if an offer is rejected?

If an offer is rejected, you can always submit a new one, but the older cannot be edited, so both you and client can properly see the history flow of how the final offer evolved.

Is it possible to have a higher than original price after bargain?

The short answer is yes. This occures when the shop owners offer includes shipping or packaging, or in some rare cases - if client did not know original price - the bargained price can go above original. However, it is up to owner on how to deal with the checkout process, as this on client side can be tricky, but possible of course!

Is it possible to allow some goods to be sold online and for other goods, the customer must ask for a quote to receive prices?

Yes. The module allows the button to appear only in the case of products that are not available for order. On the customize page, you must activate this option (filter by product status), and for any product for which you want to enable this feature, in your Back office, on it's edit page, you must uncheck the "Available for order" option.

Any more questions? Head to the contact area and submit it!

4.2 to 5.0
 - module rewrite for PrestaShop

1.5.0 to 5.1.0
 - lots of bugs fixed
 - added Font Awesome in noconflict mode for themes not using the default themes material icons

5.1.0 to 5.2.0
 - New: detect and use built-in customisations, even in Catalog mode
 - New: updated configuration panel according to customisations
 - New: added increase and decrease arrows to quote quantity fields
 - fix: take shipping price into consideration
 - fix: carriers
 - fix: OPS
 - fix: attachments
 - fix: click Checkout button in popup
 - fix: Undefined index AFQ_MAIN_PRODUCT_QTY_FIELDS
 - fix: create quote as guest

5.2.0 to 5.2.1
 - New: added some nice loading overlay animations
 - Fix: Technical error on login page
 - Fix: Change condition in the method hookdisplayBackOfficeHeader
5.2.1 to 5.3.0
 - New: created detailed documentation for the module
 - New: added hook for our Cart Share module
 - New: added filter based on product stock
 - New: upload attachments from quote overview page
 - New: disable server side extensions for attachments
 - New: show customisation data in the PDF
 - New: send mail to customer and admin when create quote in the back-office
 - New: display taxes in mails
 - New: display customer massage in the mail
 - Fix: quotation OPC page
 - Fix: properly select and show product attribute
 - Fix: custom icon usage
 - Fix: urls in the quote form
 - Fix: email attachment bug
 - Fix: link generate PDF in the backoffice
 - Fix: shipping price
 - Fix: Transform quote to cart issue
 - Fix: display custom price on the front-end
 - Fix: transform quote to cart with specific prices
 - Fix: display transfrom to cart button on front-end
 - Updated: TinyMCE
 - Updated: romanian translation (100%)
 - Updated: hungarian translation (100%)
 - Utils: totally restructured config page to be more clear and added informations to all fields
 - Utils: changed the look of emails and added more info
 - Utils: replaced the word bargain with message

5.3.0 to 5.3.1
 - New: edit inline quote submits now as an offer
 - Fix: issue with View quote

5.3.1 to 5.4.0
 - New: added transform Abandoned cart to Quote option

5.4.0 to 5.4.1
 - New: Display customer information in a PDF file

5.4.1 to 5.5.0
 - New: added 'Abandoned cart mode' master config option
 - New: added 'Suggested carrier' to the create new quote in admin options
 - New: when creating a new quote, client is notified on demand and only when admin decides quote is finished
 - New: when editing a quote, client is notified on demand and only when admin decides editing is finished
 - New: option to generate and download quote in XLS format
 - New: Show quote options (buttons and cart) only for logged in users
 - New: Added possibility for guest qoute message
 - New: Hook for gdpr checkbox on the customer form
 - New: Display prices with or without taxes in PDF invoice, according to Prestashop / Customer group settings
 - New: search and load abandoned quote carts
 - Fix: created voucher is disabled if client edits transformed cart
 - Fix: minimum quantity value is properly detected
 - Fix: update of products list
 - Fix: new quote in back office first message owner bug
 - Fix: hook displayProductPriceBlock
 - Fix: Bug with edited price offer
 - Fix: convert ProductLazzyLoadArray to array
 - Fix: custom fields detection
 - Fix: display customization in email

5.5.0 to 5.6.0
 - New: send admin message in email
 - New: display dni (vat number) in email
 - New: display SKU in admin panel
 - New: added google analytics conversion code possibility
 - New: download customized files in admin panel
 - New: Send client message on demand
 - New: added hook displayTop
 - New: added thakyou page
 - New: display offer history
 - New: added feature 'Allow transform cart to quote'
 - Fix: search by customer name
 - Fix: conflict with ps_legalcompliance module
 - Fix: remove specific price from cart
 - Fix: hookdisplayProductPriceBlock
 - Fix: disable category filter
 - Fix: list of payment method names
 - Fix: bug with custom fields
 - Fix: generate PDF
 - Fix: multiple mistype bugs
 - Fix: multishop request_id
 - Fix: AFQ button when popup
 - Fix: filter in admin panel
 - Fix: display address form in OPC checkout
 - Fix: hide login errors on the quote cart page
 - Fix: update product quantity in the qoutes cart

5.6.0 to 5.7.0
 - New: widget compatibility
 - New: display notify button when quote was updated
 - New: Fill in empty abandoned carts table at start
 - New: Display if price is zero
 - New: Ability to choose status when transform quote to order in BO
 - New: added cancel button on the states form
 - New: add quote reference to admin controller table
 - New: italian translation
 - New: check for customer address delivery
 - New: won't allow to install on 1.6
 - New: added minimal quote total amout
 - Fix: select country
 - Fix: total of the quotes is a negative number
 - Fix: can't select a shipping option
 - Fix: minimanl quantity
 - Fix: quote name
 - Fix: include scripts
 - Fix: (back office) display the name of the payment method
 - Fix: display total and tax in email
 - Fix: shop association
 - Fix: reassureance block
 - Fix: override Link object
 - Fix: new total sum not showing up
 - Fix: custom fields issues
 - Fix: update address form after change country
 - Fix: display quote statuses
 - Fix: update address form after change country
 - Fix: carriers list
 - Fix: multiple currencies issue
 - Fix: create quote states
 - Fix: disabe change quantity after trasnform quote to shoping cart
 - Fix: quote details template fix (added attachment + fixed tymce view)
 - Fix: PDF -generate withcustom price, display selected payment method, specific comment display
 - Fix: added file download link into mails
 - Fix: total product quantity controller
 - Fix: download file from message
 - Fix: qty for quote
 - Fix: error with fixed total price in object
 - Fix: email send total price with old price
 - Fix: combinations minimal quantity
 - Other small look related fixes
 - Update: added phpSpreadsheet support
 - Update: controller view for catalog mode
 - Update: compability with Prestashop

5.7.0 to 5.7.1
 - Fix: changed templates onkeyup -> onchange
 - Fix: can load products without id, check added
 - Fix: Notice: Undefined index: total_wt
 - Fix: add product attributes on pdf
 - Fix: search products
 - Fix: adapted to new translation system
 - Fix: Changed client tab info view in pdf
 - Fix: wrong var for reply link in mail
 - Fix: tax and total in pdf
 - Fix: added check for accepting offer
 - Fix: desktop/mobile quotes list view
 - Fix: added static
 - Fix: qty arrows after combination update on FO
 - Fix: email view and product reference check
 - Fix: create new address country field
 - Fix: calculate total quote price when the cart is empty
 - Fix: display (Tax incl.) labal in pdf order total
 - Fix: display new price in quotes_notify_discount mail
 - Fix: discount view in invoice product tab
 - Fix: translation for invoice
 - Fix: pdf products sorting order
 - Fix: transform button visibility

5.7.1 to 5.7.2
 - Update: Prestashop 8 compatibility
 - Fix: security issues with sql calls