Virtual product combination enabler for Prestashop


Virtual combinations enabler for Prestashop enables the creation of combinations for virtual products and allows you to upload an attachment (file) for each combination separately.

Version: 1.1.0 - Compatible with PreastaShop 1.7


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Virtual product combinations enabler for Prestashop

Virtual product combinations in Prestashop?

Absolutely Yes! Now possible with Virtual product combination enabler module!

For some reason, Prestashop does not allow combinations for virtual products, so there is no multifile upload optioneither.

But what if someone is a software vendor, and wants to sell multiple versions of it, using the same product sales page. This raises some questions and examples:

  • What happens if the product is listed as a separate download for Windows, Linux or OSX?
  • What happens if the product has a separate version for a 32-bit and 64-bit system?
  • What if the product comes as a separate version and download for Prestashop 1.7 and 1.6?

If you create a separate product page for each, you can easily get into trouble with duplicate content, with the sales page getting banned and disappearing from the search engine’s horizon, resulting in drastic sales decrease.

Virtual combinations enabler for Prestashop helps in all cases, through two very important options:
- enables the creation of combinations for virtual products
- allows you to upload an attachment for each combination separately

Look at our direct example below:

Combinations are enabled on our website for Ask for a Quote module

Our quotation module is available as a separate download for Prestashop 1.7 and Prestashop 1.6.
This module allows us to use the same sales page but allowing customer to download the version they baught.

Virtual product combinations are enabled

Allow combinations for virtual products

Currently in Prestashop if you activate the virtual product option, the combination option will disappear. In addition, if you’re kinda succeed to show and create combinations, at next edit, Prestahsop will notify you that your product is virtual, it can’t not have combinations and will delete them, completely eliminating this option.

The module re-activates the ability to create combinations and keeps them for editing, just like in normal products case.

Multiple file uploads - one for each combo

The second big limitation associated with virtual products is the possibility of only one attachment (file upload). This will also be retained, if you can somehow hack/edit Prestashop and activate combinations, even keeping them re-editable.

Virtual combinations enabler for Prestashop comes in handy again: it allows you to upload a separate attachment for each combination, so the customer will actually download what he has bought.

File upload possibility for each combination

FAQ and great support

If still have questions make sure you check the FAQ section of this page, where we ansered the most common and basic questions clients ask from us. And if your issue is not listed, feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer, as we bealive great support begins before purchase, not just after.

After sales support: we cannot test the product with every third party plugin out there, only on the default Prestashops (even this is server dependant), so if somenthing goes wrong, product has issues, causes your shop to hang, disable it, and contact us for help, but please consult the readme first!

And yeah, regarding support, our status on Prestashop Addons speaks for itself:
- Superhero status and 80+ months seniority
- 6 hours average response time (including all time delays and clients from all over the world)
- 99% support quality, which is an average of several features
- 60+ positive notes and 5 star reatings!

Quotation module full support after sales


You can upgarde product by simply installing the new ZIP file you downloaded. The included upgrade script will take care of the rest.


This version is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7

Current version: 1.1.0 (16/01/2021)

Important Note

Module was tested on default PrestaShop ONLY.

This is a downloadable product, and you will be provided with a link to download the purchased module as soon as your payment has been processed and accepted.

Data sheet

Easy install:
Yes (admin panel ZIP upload)
Modifies database:
Overwrites core files:
Compatible with PrestaShop

1.0.0 to 1.1.0

 - New: added tokens in the ajax requests
 - Update: display response from ajax
 - Fix: Index php_self is not defined
 - Fix: $ undefined
 - Fix: installing
 - Fix: main javascript
 - Fix: orderHistory email link to file
 - Fix: single virtual combination product bug
 - Fix: Javascript to update products
 - Other small fixes